Reference: 23FUBPASETCI9293

Type: New appointment

Title: Expert in the field of wastewater treatment at BETA Technological Center

Type of position: FUB
Academic year: 2023 - 2024

Call start: 21-12-2023
Call end: 14-01-2024

Main unit or service: None

BETA Technological Center was born in November 2014 being a team of only 3 people. The motivation and effort of our young, dynamic and multidisciplinary team has led us to currently have more than 100 people working together with the mission of contributing to the sustainable rural development, improving their competitiveness and life quality. The main driver to fulfil this mission is both, the execution of R&I projects in the field of sustainability and environment, as well as the knowledge transfer to the private sector.
The BETA Technological Center continues growing and is willing to incorporate an expert in environmental technologies for wastewater treatment, with the motivation to continue developing his professional career in this field. The selected candidate will work actively in the Environmental Technologies and Circular Bioeconomy Unit, and the selected person is expected to be involved in several European projects of this unit.

Functions and duties:
• Technical manager of European projects and knowledge transfer projects with companies.
• Design and implementation of pilot plants for wastewater treatment and recovery.
• Commissioning, monitoring and optimization of bioreactors and other environmental technologies, both on a laboratory scale and on a pilot scale in a real environment.
• Analysis and treatment of results and preparation of technical reports and scientific articles.
• Contact with suppliers, clients and partners of competitive projects.
• Drafting of proposals for raising new funding.
• Supervision of technicians, undergraduate and master's students.

University degree in the field
University qualification in the field of Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences or similar

Certification of Level C1 in Catalan or commitment to obtain it.

Accreditation of Level B2 English or commitment to obtain it.

Previous experience in the field of technologies for wastewater treatment.

Experience in Design, operation and optimization of bioreactors and/or other processes.

Experience in experimental design and treatment of results.

Experience in technological transfer projects with companies

European driving license

Availability to travel

• Having carried out research stays with research groups from other European universities.
• Previous participation in European projects, preferably H2020 or Horizon Europe.
• Experience in the preparation of proposals for attracting competitive financing.
• Experience in supervising students.


Planning and organisation


Teamwork and cooperation



Flexibility and change management




Learning and use of knowledge

Analytical thinking

Conceptual thinking

Inclusion in the professional group Administrative and service staff (PAS)
Type of contract: permanent
Total work: full-time
Gross salary: 33.027,15 €

- Flexible working hours - Possibility of 2 days of teleworking

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