Reference: 23FUBPDIBETACITCI9992

Type: New appointment

Title: Senior researcher in the field of improving soil health and soil restoration at Beta Technology Center.

Type of position: FUB
Academic year: 2023 - 2024

Call start: 05-03-2024
Call end: 24-03-2024

Faculty: BETA

The BETA Technology Centre is made up of a young multidisciplinary team of more than 80 researchers and is looking for a dynamic person who is eager to be part of this adventure.
We are looking for a senior postdoctoral researcher with experience in activities related to the improvement of soil health through the use of organic waste obtained from by-products of the food industry, who will become part of the Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems Unit of the BETA Technology Centre of the UVIC.
The selected candidate will participate in several European and national projects related to the improvement of soil health and the mitigation of nutrient loss. Specifically, the selected candidate will have a relevant role in the Horizon Europe DELISOIL project, where he/she will work mainly on the application in soil of safe, sustainable and socially accepted organic waste obtained from circular food production processes, with the aim of improving soil health.

Functions and duties:
• Planning and execution of biochemical, biotechnological and/or microbiological laboratory tests for the agronomic evaluation of organic amendments.
• Planning and execution of greenhouse and field experiments.
• Development of new soil analysis methodologies.
• Development of soil and nutrient management fertilisation strategies.
• Technical management of competitive multi-stakeholder R&D projects.
• Involvement in the development of new project proposals for new funding.

Doctorate in the field
in the field: Agronomy, Biotechnology, Plant Production, Environmental Sciences or similar. #(mínim 3 anys des de la finalització de la tesi)#

University degree in the field
in the field: Agronomy, Biotechnology, Plant Production, Environmental Sciences or similar.

Certification of Level C1 in Catalan or commitment to obtain it

Accreditation of Level B2 English or commitment to obtain it

- At least 3 years of post-doctoral experience in the agricultural sector having worked in the field of soil science, fertilisation, nutrient dynamics or similar.

- Experience with biochemical, biotechnological and/or microbiological methods.

- Experience in field trials and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

- Scientific publications in the proposed field of research.

- Good communication skills (written and oral) and ability to work independently and with internal and external teams in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments.

Teaching experience at university level

Level B2 or more in languages other than English

Accreditation by an academic Quality Agency

Research experience

• Knowledge of digital agriculture and/or precision agriculture and experience in GIS (e.g., ArcGIS, QGIs).

• Previous experience in the preparation and implementation of competitive R&D projects (Horizon Europe, LIFE, Interreg, etc.).

• Humility, empathy, ambition and commitment.


Planning and organisation


Teamwork and cooperation






Learning and use of knowledge

Inclusion in the professional group Research staff (PDI)
Type of contract: permanent
Total work: full-time
Timetable a determinar
Gross salary: 33.547,65 €

- Flexible working hours - Possibility of 2 days of teleworking

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